5 changes you need to make to your winter skincare routine

Show your skin some love throughout the harsh winter season by updating your skincare routine with these hydrating tips from Tanologist… Your skincare routine is a labour of love and you’ve finally nailed it. Your lightweight moisturiser and twice-a-week exfoliant have left your skin flawless and glowing. But did you know that your skincare routine should evolve with the seasons? Winter can play havoc with our dermis and cause dryness, irritation, and flaking. But don’t worry, we have everyth
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Toys most 90s babies had now selling for thousands

You could be sitting on thousands of pounds worth of valuables from your popular childhood toys. We all have toys that we find it hard to let go of. But whether shoved under the bed or in a box in the attic, it's time to dust off those boxes as they could bring you in more money than you expect. Many of your childhood favourites, once so very popular, are now collector's items.
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Dogs' 5 sleeping positions explained and what they say about their personality

You might have seen your pup adopting some strange positions during their nap time and wondered how they could possibly feel comfy. But the way our dogs go to sleep actually tells us a lot about how they're feeling, and it can even give us an insight into their ancestry.
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Are health apps offering wellbeing solutions or exacerbating our health problems?

In the era of smartphones, we can now manage and even improve our health on our handheld devices. Whether you’re struggling with your mental health, want boost your physical health with your exercise regime or, you’re seeking to achieve a better night’s sleep -- there’s a wide choice of apps to turn to for support. Apps range from guided meditation to comprehensive running plans, and they can even track your sleep and mood. But are they doing more harm than good? Could sleep apps be making our

Want to be a property landlord? All the hidden costs you need to know about

Have you ever toyed with the idea of becoming a landlord – either buying a single property to rent out or building up a portfolio? It could be that you want to invest in property in lieu of a pension fund or just want to get a good return on your investment. While there are obvious outgoings, such as mortgage and repair costs, that have to be paid, some would-be landlords overlook what other expenses are needed to be met. Read more: How to buy a bargain property at auction - all the tips and

'Can I have a room with an ocean view... and a dead mouse?' Hotels get bizarre requests - Liam Rudden

At the heart of every trip, however, is the hotel you find yourself based in. From China to Switzerland, Malaysia to the Great Barrier Reef, I've been booked into some of the best... there have also been one or two less than impressive establishments, like the Maltese hotel situated in the middle of a building site or the state run hotel where I was warned to be aware that there were security cameras in all rooms. Still, one thing I have seldom had to do is complain. When I have, it has been fo

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Why Are My Lips Dry?

Why Are My Lips Dry? You’ve perfected your skincare routine, from cleansing to moisturising and SPF protection. Your face has never felt better, except for one problem: your perma-chapped lips. You’re religious with applying your lip balm, so what gives? You wonder in despair, “why are my lips SO dry?!” There are loads of causes of chapped lips, including some that might surprise you. Here, we cover everything that could be causing your chapped lips and how you can solve them. You’ll have a pe

The Bag Trends to Watch For 2022

Bags never go out of fashion. But the style of bags we favour changes with our needs and the seasons. For example, clutches and pochette styles fell out of favour in 2020 and 2021 because we didn't have a need for tiny night-out bags. Meanwhile, we've seen a resurgence in larger bags and backpacks in the past year as hybrid working has us carrying laptops around. Here, we cover the next evolution of bag trends and the styles you need to know for 2022.

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Skincare diet: The six key foods you should eat to improve oily, dry and combination skin

Whether your skin is dry, oily, or combination, these are the six foods you should be eating - and some of them may surprise you.
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The digital skills gap starts at school

A recent study has shown that courses encouraging young people’s digital skills are failing, meaning pupils leave school underequipped for entering the digital economy. ICT, a course many of us were mandated to take, has been phased out after being deemed too simple. It has been replaced, although not like-for-like, with Computer Science, which is widely accepted as more difficult.
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Digital transformation is more human than ever

Digital transformation is a concept you’ll no doubt be familiar with by now. The use of technology to improve business processes, resulting in better efficiency and productivity, is nothing new. If done right, it’s highly profitable, with British businesses attributing a 34% revenue growth to their digital transformation efforts (IDG).
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National Coding Week – Reap the benefits of an upskilled workforce

It’s fitting that, on the first day of National Coding Week, the World Economic Forum has projected that robots will create 133 million jobs compared to the 75 million it will displace by 2022. Why is this fitting? It’s because the same study found that software developers will become particularly in-demand, as well as data analysts and social media specialists, highlighting the importance of the digital skill which is rapidly becoming more important than ever.
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The pros and cons of flexible working

It's once again Commute Smart Week, arranged by Work Wise UK. The initiative aims to raise the awareness of how remote working and smarter ways of commuting can benefit businesses and their employees in the winter months. Working from home is now recognised as a credible alternative to being in the office in the winter. With bad UK winter weather costing the economy £1 billion annually, it's time businesses embraced flexible and remote working.

The WhatsApp hack teaches us an important security lesson

You’ve probably heard about the WhatsApp hack by now, and hopefully you’ve updated your app. But the consequences of this vulnerability are wider-reaching than the security of your personal mobile... What was the hack? Hackers exploited a zero-day vulnerability in the most widely used messaging app in the world that allowed them to crack a user’s WhatsApp simply by calling them – regardless of whether the user answered.

How much did the Facebook outage really cost?

In news that spread like wildfire, ironically on competitor platforms including Twitter, LinkedIn and Snapchat, Facebook and its family of apps experienced an outage of up to 14 hours on Wednesday 13th March. Naturally, the functional social media channels were awash with memes about how people couldn’t possibly cope without flicking mindlessly through artsy landscape shots or posts about what their friends had for dinner. But what about the business cost of this outage?

Our women in technology leadership talk representation and tech on International Women’s Day 2019

Our series of blogs focusing on 5 women in technology roles at TSG was so popular for last year’s IWD that we thought we’d continue with the theme, but with a twist. This year, our recent graduate Amelia Marson sat down with two of our female leaders at TSG – Clare Townsend, Service Desk Manager and Laura Heath, Head of Product Development – to talk about their experiences as women in the tech industry and how they think we can increase women’s representation in technology.

3 things we can learn from Twitter’s password bug

Twitter found itself in hot water recently as it discovered a flaw that left users’ passwords stored in plain text. To the uninitiated, this might not sound like a big deal. Twitter has to store your passwords somehow, right? Well, you’re partially right. Usually, Twitter stores users’ passwords securely by ‘hashing’ them; this is a form of encryption which translates your password into a long, coded string – or a hash.

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TSG appoints Mental Health UK as new corporate charity

TSG is proud to announce its brand-new corporate charity partnership with Mental Health UK. The managed IT services organisation’s official partnership with Mental Health UK began in January 2020, with the company committing to raising funds for the charity for 3 years. TSG has already raised over £3,000 for its new charity partner via its yearly laptop buyback scheme and by kicking off its first staff-wide fundraising challenge.

TSG's Founder Graham Wylie wins the Lifetime Achievement Award

TSG Founder and hugely successful entrepreneur Graham Wylie was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Pride of the North East awards this week. The awards celebrate unsung heroes from around the North East, including those who’ve excelled in fundraising and business, and heroes who’ve put their life on the line for others. Graham’s Lifetime Achievement Award celebrates his fantastic success in the business world as the Founder of Sage, TSG and many other innovative technology-driven businesses.

TSG wins Datto Breakout Partner of the Year Award 2019

TSG is delighted to announce we’ve won the Datto Breakout Partner of the Year award at this year’s DattoCon conference in San Diego. This marks the third year in a row TSG has been awarded a Partner of the Year accreditation by backup and disaster recovery experts Datto, having been named EMEA Partner of the Year in 2018. The Breakout Partner of the Year Award is given to the fastest-growing existing Datto partner, evidencing TSG’s continued success in implementing ground-breaking disaster recovery solutions.

TSG wins three Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For 2020 awards

TSG is proud to announce it has won three awards from Best Companies as part of the Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For 2020. In its first year of entering this prestigious programme, TSG has been voted as one of the 30 Best Companies to Work For in the North East (placing 23rd) and 50 Best Companies to Work For in Scotland (placing 48th), as well as gaining a 1 Star accreditation for employee engagement.

Microsoft 365 Business is available: What's included?

Announced at Microsoft Ignite in September to much fanfare, Microsoft 365 Business is now globally available. Microsoft 365 is a comprehensive package for small-to-medium businesses, intended to cover all of its productivity and cyber security requirements. Microsoft describes it as an “integrated solution designed to simplify IT for small and medium-sized businesses.” But what exactly is included within Microsoft 365 Business?

TSG announces partnership with customer experience experts Rant & Rave

In a bid to improve customer experience even further, TSG has appointed Rant & Rave as our Voice of the Customer (VoC) partner. Through Rant & Rave, TSG will be able to effectively measure how our customers find working with us and use their feedback to improve our customer service. Rant & Rave is the leader in real-time customer engagement, and the appointment shows TSG’s commitment to delivering a first-class customer experience.

TSG announced as Microsoft Advanced Power Apps partner

TSG is delighted to announce its accreditation as an Advanced Power Apps partner, moving up from its initial partner status. The company has also been chosen as a featured Power Apps partner, implementing the most Power Apps solutions of all UK partners and placing 5th worldwide for implementations. This latest accolade sits alongside TSG’s 10 Microsoft Gold competencies and its position as a Charter Member of the SharePoint Business Applications Partner Program.

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GDPR: Key considerations for the manufacturing sector | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

GDPR has been enforced for around two months now, and yet despite the deadline passing, many businesses still don’t consider themselves prepared to comply. Only a month before the deadline, a Crowd Research report declared that 93% of respondents were not yet ‘in full compliance’ with the regulation. Headlines around GDPR have focused on the potentially eye-watering fines – a maximum of 4% of global turnover or €20 million, whichever is higher – but haven’t offered much detail or guidance.

Adopting new technologies: three ways to protect your data and prevent downtime | Easier

Advances in technology open up the potential for businesses across all industries to become digitally transformed, through streamlining operations. Increased productivity and improvement in bottom lines are the ultimate goals for any business. However, it’s important not dive into this type of new venture without the knowledge that there are risks involved with adopting new technologies and devices.

5 areas law firms should focus on for continued GDPR compliance | Lawyer Monthly

GDPR is currently in full force, and we’ve already seen businesses like Facebook and Google come under fire for potential non-compliance within days of its advent. Only a month before the deadline, a Crowd Research report declared that 93% of respondents were not yet “in full compliance” with the regulation. Here Natasha Bougourd, TSG’s Lead Applications Writer, specialising in IT support, Office 365, and business intelligence, talks Lawyer Monthly through the ongoing intricacies of GDPR compliance.

Business technology has the potential to boost mental health in the workplace | Feast Magazine

In our digital age, technology is often considered to be a big stressor for our mental health. Research and health warnings have helped us to realise that social media and too much screen time can increase the risk of depression and anxiety. With so much awareness around the topic now, we’re becoming more mindful as a nation and looking at ways to make changes. However, technology can work well in steering us into creating positive habits and boosting our mental health.

How customer behaviour is driving digital transformation | Furniture News

Much is said of the importance of digital transformation to modern businesses – TSG’s Natasha Bougourd argues that technology is essential to furniture manufacturers wishing to meet changing customer demand … Digital transformation is the business priority of the moment, with a particular resonance in the furniture manufacturing industry. We’ve experienced a seismic shift in buyer habits, with research and transactions now overwhelmingly carried out online.

5 key GDPR considerations that are often overlooked | US Insights for Professionals

GDPR is now in full effect, following two years of headlines shouting about severe fines – €20 million or 4% of global turnover, whichever is higher. Many businesses, however, don’t consider themselves prepared despite the past deadline; 60% of businesses state they are not “GDPR ready”, according to a Populus survey. The good news is that GDPR compliance is more of a long-term project as opposed to something that was deemed complete on 25th May 2018.

Five tips for leading teams remotely | Facilities Management

If you’ve always managed a team based in the same location as you, moving from an office-based team to having some or all of your team working remotely can be a significant transition. As so many businesses in the UK are now offering their employees remote and home working options, UK IT managed services company, TSG, is here to share some practical advice for leading remote teams and protecting productivity.

A 3-step guide to keeping your business data secure when adopting new technologies | BDC Magazine

During digital transformation, taking advantage of new technology will involve increasing the cyber-attack surface of your business. With that said, you do need to ensure that you act with necessary caution. Worst case scenario, if an attack is successful, the downtime could spell financial disaster for your organisation. With cyber-attacks against UK organisations increasing in 2019, your business can’t afford to take risks.

Avoiding downtime in the throes of digital transformation | Total Security Summit

Adopting new technologies can certainly bring about an exciting transformation for any business. As well as streamlining operations, business can be rewarded with an elevation in productivity and uplift in bottom lines. But did you know that upgrading your business technologies runs the risk of increasing your cyber-attack surface? Bearing in mind that cyber-attacks against UK organisations increased in 2019, you can’t afford to put your business at this type of risk.

59% of adults experience stress in the workplace -- could business technology provide a means to help reduce this figure? | BetaNews

The combination of technology and mental health can often have negative connotations. There is plenty of media attention surrounding the negative impact the former can have on the latter. In fact, there is research identifying that social media and too much screen time can increase the risk of depression and anxiety, which can lead to hampered sleep and increased stress levels. A recipe for disaster?

Additional blogs

How to prevent cyber-attacks in 2020

It’s clear that cybercriminals haven’t been resting over the festive period, as a spate of cyber-attacks have been announced in the past week. UK-based currency exchange business Travelex has taken its website down in the wake of a cyber-attack. The organisation first discovered the malware on New Year’s Day, immediately taking down its systems in response. The company has stressed that no customer or personal information has been breached, but rather its cybersecurity experts are working to c

Microsoft 365 Business Voice launch – an essential guide

We’re excited to announce the long-awaited launch of voice services embedded into Microsoft Teams, also known as Microsoft 365 Business Voice. We’ve been working behind the scenes with Microsoft on this ground-breaking internet telephony development as part of its adoption programme. TSG was involved on the advisory group to help shape what voice services within Microsoft Teams should look like. Microsoft 365 Business Voice will bring all of your business communications together into a truly u

Hearing aid manufacturer hit by cyber-attack costing £78 million

Demant, a hearing aid manufacturer which operates globally, was hit by a ransomware cyber-attack in September which has cost the business £78 million to date. According to ZDNet, this is one of the costliest ransomware attacks outside of the WannaCry and NotPetya incidents, incurring costs not in ransom payments as you’d expect, but in the incapacitation of the business’ critical systems. The organisation released a statement after being hit by the cyber-attack, stating it was shutting down it

3 business strategy questions you should ask of your IT

It goes without saying that all businesses now rely on technology in some shape or form for their day-to-day operations. From infrastructure and hardware to ERP and CRM software solutions, businesses could not compete successfully without their critical systems or technology services. But that doesn’t mean that those systems meet their requirements. Many businesses still operate on outdated, legacy systems because they’ve used them for so long, they can’t imagine a world without them. In realit

UK businesses experiencing more cyber-attacks in 2019

The rise in cyber-attacks in business Hackers are attacking UK businesses even more in 2019; recent figures show the rise in the number of cyber-attacks aimed at organisations and the frequency at which they occur. 60% of businesses have already faced at least one cyber-attack in 2019 according to a survey from Hiscox. Additionally, UK businesses are receiving a large volume of cyber-attacks; organisations are hit every 50 seconds (Beaming). According to Beaming, the number of cyber-attacks h

Windows Server 2008 end-of-life: Everything you need to know

All Windows Server 2008 products will reach the end of their support lifecycle in January 2020, with serious implications for those who don’t upgrade before this date. In addition, SQL Server 2008 is no longer supported as of July 7th, 2019. As with all older servers and software solutions, Microsoft is ending support for these legacy systems to pave the way for more modern, secure and up-to-date servers. With Server 2008 products already 11 years old – which is ancient in the technology world

Cyber-incidents in the financial sector rise by over 1000%

“Cyber-incidents” against organisations in the financial sector have increased by over 1000%, according to newly-released figures from the Financial Conduct Authority. The number of reported attacks rose from 69 in 2017 to 819 in 2018, whilst a total of 370 have already been recorded in 2019. The steep rise has been attributed in part to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which came into force in May 2018 and has stringent requirements around data breach reporting. However, there’s

How housing associations are discovering the art of the possible with Office 365

Office 365 is a topic we’ve blogged about frequently at TSG. That’s because there’s always something to say about it; whether it’s a new feature or app, a new way of working or to talk about how TSG is using it. For many businesses, Office 365 is simply an up-to-date version of the applications, such as Word and Excel, that they use every day. But, as we’ve said for years, it’s so much more than that. We’ve had great success in deploying Office 365 as a solution to a number of common business

Cybersecurity is essential but confusing, according to survey

Cybersecurity is becoming a high priority for both businesses and consumers, but nearly 50% of people don’t know what steps to take to achieve this according to the UK Cyber Survey. The first-of-its-kind survey, conducted by Ipsos MORI on behalf of the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), revealed some telling statistics about the state of cybersecurity in the UK including the good and bad habits we practise, the most commonly used and hacked passwords and our biggest cybersecurity fears.

How housing associations are using Office 365 and Microsoft Teams to supercharge their efficiency

Instead of using Outlook to work and collaborate, housing associations are looking further into the Office 365 suite to supercharge their investment and use collaboration tools to improve efficiency and work smarter. We’ve helped a number of our customers discover the ‘art of the possible’ with Office 365; show us what you want to improve, and we bet we could find a way to do so using the Office 365 suite. Microsoft Teams is available as part of Office 365 and the number of businesses taking ad

Celebrating our apprentices for National Apprenticeship Week 2019

National Apprenticeship Week (NAW 2019), a week dedicated to celebrating the value apprenticeships bring to both learners and businesses, is upon us. In an economy that is continually shifting and experiencing a number of skills gaps, apprenticeships could be the answer. However, many job roles are still skewed to university graduates; entry-level roles that were once used as a foot in the door for many young people starting their careers now require at least a bachelor’s degree. What’s more, o

How Office 365 is helping housing associations with compliance and innovation

Since its inception, the Microsoft Office suite has been relied on by businesses around the world, many of whom would be unable to operate without Word, Excel or Outlook. But in a few short years, the Office suite has evolved from basic functional apps to a catalogue of applications that can be used for a never-ending list of transformational projects. One of the strongest features of Office 365 is that, while the suite is all-encompassing and can be used to improve processes in almost any busi

Digitising the social housing tenant experience

With increased access to technologies that simply weren’t viable a mere 10 years ago, tenants are now expecting more from their social housing providers. With the world at your fingertips and the ability to manage your finances and utilities at the press of a button, why wouldn’t you expect the same options when it comes to managing your home? It’s essential that the social housing sector responds to these expectations to keep satisfaction ratings and tenant retentions high. But alongside the p

Digital transformation in 2019

For many businesses looking to remain competitive, digital transformation is firmly on the agenda. Having matured from a buzzword to a legitimate business strategy, more and more cases now show digital transformation is the key to efficiency, productivity and profitability. Forrester has released its predictions for digital transformation in 2019 with a lot of positivity but also some stark warnings. According to its report, 25% of businesses will decelerate their digital efforts and will lose

Safer Internet Day and the surprising cybersecurity habits of our future workforce

An online presence is near-ubiquitous in the UK. Children as young as toddlers are equipped with smartphones and our daily use of the internet doubles in less than 15 years (ONS). A lot of criticism has been aimed at the younger generations – typically millennials, generation Z or younger – for spending a lot of time online, but on the flipside, this ‘always-on’ generation is the most digitally-enabled yet. That’s why initiatives like Safer Internet Day are so important; a constant online prese

The 3 top cybercriminal tactics you need to know in 2019 and how to prevent them

Hackers will attack your systems using local admin tools and continue to spread malware through macro-infected Office documents in 2019, according to Sophos’ 2019 Threat Report. The report lauds the cyber security industry for blocking a number of common hacker techniques in recent years, but warns that cybercriminals are continuing to come up with inventive new ways to breach our systems, steal or render our data unintelligible and swindle us out of money. Using macro-infected Word documents

Marriott’s data breach, the second-biggest in history

Over 500 million consumers have had their personal data exposed to cyber-criminals as Marriott announced a breach of its Starwood booking database on Friday. The number of affected customers makes this the second biggest data breach in history; the unenviable position of experiencing the biggest breach goes to Yahoo when its 3 billion accounts were compromised. How did the hack occur? The company says unauthorised people have been able to access the database since 2014 in an additional worryi

Hackers are targeting your Office 365 account - Here's how you can stop them

By now, you’re probably familiar with the concept of phishing attacks; cyber-attacks that are often email-borne and aim to steal login credentials, financial information or infect a user’s machine with malware like ransomware. If you’re not familiar with phishing attacks, you can read our blog on the most common threats. What you might not be aware of is account takeover (ATO) attacks, which result in very calculated and convincing phishing attacks 78% of the time. Why are they so convincing? B

Nearly half of small businesses have experienced a data breach

Think that because you’re a small businesses, hackers won’t target you with a cyber-attack? Think again. Data breaches and various cyber-attacks are in the headlines daily, as hackers target businesses more ferociously than ever before. One key theme with the media coverage is the size of the businesses; Merck, Maersk, the NHS, British Airways… it’s not exactly relatable to the smaller business. This leads to the assumption that only large enterprises are targeted with cyber-attacks, but that c
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